Art and Creating Heals

Souphak, Co-Founder of Jay Victoria, in a Jay Victoria letterman jacket.
by Souphak Kienitz
Being numb to feelings was how I was coping and it clouded my judgment.
It was all I knew how to manage and survive.
Now I’ve cried more in the past few years than ever before.
I’ve gained so much empathy and I’m grateful for it all.
This new energy and space is manifesting into creativity.
Now I understand how art, spoken word, music, dancing, producing, and the creation of tangible and intangible things are healing.
Being vulnerable, bold, and expressing one’s own feelings into art is a channel to make someone else feel less alone in the world.
So I will continue creating, building, and expressing it all.
#co-creation #jayvictoria #nonbinaryfashion
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