Podcast Producer &
Fashion Entrepreneur
Named 2022 National
Staffing Employee of the Year!

Souphak Kienitz, Co-Founder

"When you don't have clothes that fit your body and your style, it almost feels like you don't exist. Like you don't matter.”

When Jamie Kienitz suffered the consecutive losses of people that were close to her, she gained weight as she struggled to cope with her grief. At a time when she needed to connect with others most, Jamie felt more isolated and insecure as she tried - and failed - to find clothing that made her feel comfortable in her body.

After experiencing firsthand how a lack of appropriate clothing options can compound an already challenging time, Jamie and her wife, Souphak, founded Jay Victoria to ensure that plus women, non-binary humans, and queer folks always have access to apparel that is stylish, tailored and made with care.

Our turquoise buttons

A reminder to be kind to yourself

Every time you see our turquoise buttons, let it remind you to be gentle and kinder to yourself.

"Jay Victoria is a reflection of who we've become, a version of us we've been working on for so many years."

We value compassion, the ability to admit to mistakes, the power in sharing vulnerability, and the commitment to grow. That extends to Jay Victoria and to each piece crafted with thoughtful detail and kindness in mind.


Our shirts tell a story

Our exclusive Co-Creation line features shirts designed by real people and inspired by their stories. We want to shine a light on common issues such as anxiety, depression, mental health, coming out, being overweight, clothes not fitting and much more.