Journey To Our Crowdfund Launch on June 14, 2019!

This is Souphak, Co-Founder of Jay Victoria. I’d like to start out by saying thank you. Thank you so much for your patience with us. Starting a clothing line has not been easy. For those who’s been following us, your support goes a long away. I'd like to share with you our story and how Jay Victoria came about, the mentors we've acquired, further updates on the clothing line, and our crowdfund launch date!

Our Story

The inspiration was from the love of my wife. It killed me to watch her pain and grieve 7 family members who passed away in a very short period of time. During those years, my wife, Jamie, gained about 50 pounds really fast. Emotional eating is so easy to do. She would cry on our bed before we would get ready to go out, because there were no clothes that would fit her and that she actually liked (that is menswear style). 

My heart just sank. There was nothing I could do at that moment that could possibly make her feel better. These moments became several days and those days became years. Finally in 2017, I said to Jamie, "We're going to start a clothing line." I jumped up from our bed and said "Yup. This is it."

I switched 2-3 good salary jobs shortly thereafter, from Product Development and Marketing Manager to a Business Analyst. I eventually left after 10 months on each job. What I learned? Culture is important and that it was my time to create my own.

Amazing Mentors

Finally in 2018, the stars were aligning. After failed business partners (who went completely ghost on us), several risky chances, Jamie and I continued our journey. We now have amazing mentors who have a powerful network and wonderful people who share the same values. Just to name a few of our favorites, Erica Hanna - a 6X Emmy award winner, Kimberia J Sherva Plante - an amazing grassroots marketing guru, Daren Klum - Founder of Secured2 and my very top supporter who has the utmost faith in us. 

Co-Creation Line

We didn’t want to be just another clothing line so we are starting a co-creation line to share stories of real people. Our pieces are inspired by real-life experiences, and are designed to build conversations and connections. We want to shine a light on common issues that are kept in the shadows, like depression, anxiety, grief, being overweight, clothes not fitting, and much more.

Crowdfund Launch

We need your help! Our crowdfunding campaign will be on where you’ll find the option to pre-order our first co-creation product, the ‘Tree of Life’ shirt designed by Megan M., Apple Valley, MN. (Further details on Megan’s story will be on the crowdfunding platform.)

Other rewards include artwork, creative portraiture services by one of our amazing photographers, letterman jacket, and a chance to sponsor Jay Victoria in exchange for sponsorship recognition and/or having Souphak and/or Jamie speak at one of your events!

Our campaign will officially launch Friday, June 14, 2019 on iFundWomen. Give us your support and help us!


- Souphak K.

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