Tree of Life Shirt by Megan Miller, MN

I'm scared to tell my story, but if it's going to help people, I will. - Megan Miller

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Megan Miller from Apple Valley, MN shares her story about the battles of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Megan is inspired by how Tyler Perry’s tree analogy has helped her prioritize everyone in her life in a category of a tree. 

Leaf people are only there for a season. Branch people stick around longer, but if you go through a storm or two in your life, those branches will break away. Lastly, the few Root people are special. Root people help you live a strong and healthy life. If you thrive, they are happy. 

In Megan's shirt, the Leaf People are the green cuffs and collar, the black shirt with white polka dots represents the midnight sky with stars, and the buttons are wood-like buttons to represent the Root People that holds them together and near the heart. To pre-order the Tree of Life shirt, click here.


"Look at your own life. How many leaves, branches and roots do you have? What are you in other people's lives?" - Tyler Perry

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