One Event Over and Another Begins

Jamie and Souphak packing up after a Pride event

Events are exhausting. Have I mentioned that? Above is a photo of us leaving and packing all that we have in one trip from the Twin Cities Pride event.

In this blog, I discuss where we are at in the process of building Jay Victoria, where we are manufacturing our first product, an additional mentor acquired, family life, and our next event.

Product Development & Mentor

Our clothing manufacturer is being produced in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We were referred to them by Dana Fried, our advisor. Dana brings over 20+ years of experience in the clothing industry and is a Tommy John Board Member and Mentor since inception. He also mentored Sophia Amoruso at Nasty Gal from inception, and is a former COO/CFO of Taryn Rose Footwear. 

What's happening with the Tree of Life shirt? We are currently in the grading process. What is grading? Don't worry. I had no idea either. According to Wikipedia, grading is the process of turning a sample size into additional sizes. This is yet another milestone for Jay Victoria. We are so thrilled to start the process of all sizes!

For those of you who have pre-ordered your shirt, an email will be sent to request your size soon! It's not too late to pre-order! Please pre-order your shirt today at


S.o. M.u.c.h. W.o.r.k.

 Jay Victoria #pride shirt

This is our third year having a booth at the Twin Cities Pride this year! Thank you for those who stopped by and visit us year after year! Here's what we don't like -

  • Missing the parade every year
  • No longer being able to hang out or socialize with our friends during events
  • Managing our social anxiety
  • Long exhausting days 

However, meeting and getting to know new fans is all worth it.

Also, congratulations to Amanda Thompson for winning the $100 gift card drawing this year! Thank you Megan Miller for helping us at our booth! 

Family Time

family time

So how do we find time for family? Answer: We just have to fit it in. While entering emails we obtained from our booth on a Tuesday night, my baby brother, Tayden, took my phone and made this photo above. Gotta love it. Jamie of course assisted on the photo taking.

Want to know how? Here are the steps:

  1. Take photo in panoramic mode
  2. Have the camera taker move very slowly 
  3. Have the object or person pose quickly first, then quickly run to the next pose before the camera person gets there and repeat!

Have questions? Let us know. I'll ask my brother Tayden. :)


Next Event - Marketfest, White Bear Lake, MN

Our next event is in two weeks on July 11, 2019 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Please visit us at booth number B-91 at  MarketFest in Downtown White Bear Lake, MN!


Stay grateful,

Souphak Kienitz

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